Your Rights  

Your Rights

There is now considerable legislation covering employment issues in the workplace. Our role is to provide you with services, information and representation to best serve you should you encounter any problems in your employment. The topics covered in the ‘Your Rights’ section of the site provide a brief summary of key information with links available if you require more extensive detail.

If you feel your enquiry is not covered by any of these topics, please use the ‘Contact Us’ section and we will endeavour to provide you with the information you require.

The right to be accompanied at a discipline or grievance hearing:

You are entitled to be accompanied at disciplinary and grievance hearings by a fellow worker or a trade union official of their choice, provided you make a reasonable request to be accompanied.

You also have the right to a reasonable postponement of the hearing if your chosen companion is unavailable at the time the employer proposes. These rights apply to most workers and home workers.